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Valentino Rossi: I Feel Sorry for Casey Stoner [Video] Hot

rossi_interviewCasey Stoner will be heading into the 2012 MotoGP championship as the defending champion. Valentino Rossi will be heading into 2012 after his worst season of his career. But heated words continue to exchange between the two.

Stoner said last month that his 2011 championship was made sweeter due to Rossi's failings. Stoner said:

"The whole thing with Valentino saying I hadn't been pushing hard enough was nothing new... This talk followed me and plagued me throughout my time at Ducati until finally Valentino got on the bike and showed that nothing different happened...  I knew that when he got on that bike he black porn was not going to be any faster than me. I was 100% sure of that. He complained about his shoulder injury at the start of the season but he got his best result with his shoulder injury.

"As soon as his shoulder injury went he got worse. The excuses didn't stop until the end of this season when they just had to start admitting that they didn't know what direction to go."

Rossi acknowledged Stoner's criticism during Ducati's Wrooom event, saying that he felt sorry for Stoner who he believes is dwelling in the past. Rossi said that Stoner's hatred toward him stems from the Laguna Seca race in 2008. Here's a video from the Stoner Vs. Rossi battle at Laguna Seca.

Here's the interview with Rossi. (It's in Italian so there's a translation from Two Wheels below.)

"When someone is in difficulty and another rider wins, like in Stoner's case, you can see his true nature. In every interview he never stops talking about me, in a negative manner. Piratically he says that he has to set the record straight because, I think it was at Misano that I said that he wasn't pushing enough. The reason he's so mean to me, is that he still hasn't gotten over getting beat at Laguna Seca in 2008 and he needed two years to get over that... because he thought he could win five consecutive races, like I did....

"I'm sorry for him as he should look forward, because he's winning, he's number one in the world, he's moving up, he has to get over it. I'm sorry for him."

What do you think of the Stoner / Rossi rivalry? This season could be pretty interesting if the Ducati team can put together a competitive package.

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