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Motorcycle Reality Show Pushes Amateur Racers to the Limit [Video] Hot

hot_lapHow fast can you ride? A new motorcycle reality show, "Hot Lap," will coming to television soon. The show will bring amateur racers to the ten fastest tracks in the United States where they will compete to put in the fastest lap.

From a press release:

A new television show, HOT LAP, gives amateur riders a chance to race at ten of the fastest tracks in North America. Featuring amateur riders the series is the first motorcycle racing game show where challengers race for the fastest lap of the day to win a ticket to attend the season grand finale episode. This unscripted reality TV production launches at the North American International Motorcycle SUPERSHOW in January 2012.

Here's black porn a preview of the new show, "Hot Lap."

"We are very excited to be working with the SUPERSHOW on the launch of HOT LAP," says HOT LAP producer and host Andrew Shaw. "There is no better venue to premiere our exciting new TV production than at North America's largest motorcycle show!  Visitors can also join us at the HOT LAP booth throughout the three-day event and apply in-person to be selected as a challenger during season one."

At the end of each episode the contestant with the fastest lap will be given a ticket to Laguna Seca for the series finale. The winner of the Laguna Seca event will win a new motorcycle and will be given a chance to become a full time cast member.

"HOT LAP is like a cross between the hit BBC series 'TOP GEAR' and a motorcycle racing game show version of 'AMERICAN IDOL' – it's sure to be a hit!" said Shaw.

"Hot Lap" is definitely an interesting premise for a show, but will it gain an audience?

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