Sport Dirt Motocross Another Two-Moto Sweep for Chad Wienen at Muddy Creek Raceway

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Another Two-Moto Sweep for Chad Wienen at Muddy Creek Raceway Hot

The AMA ATV Motocross National Championship landed in Blountville, Tennessee this past weekend for Round 2 of the ten-race series.

In a repeat of the season opener in Georgia, Chad Wienen (Yamaha) rode relentlessly to snatch up first place in both motos. With four consecutive wins now under his belt, Wienen dominates in points while last year’s champ, John Natalie (Can-Am), falls farther behind.

Moto 1

As Moto 1 got off to a start, it wasn’t immediately clear that Wienen would be the one to take home the win. Veteran rider Harold Goodman grabbed the SSi Decals holeshot award, but it was Josh Upperman (Honda) who took the initial lead. Upperman held his lead position for a few laps until he was overtaken by Natalie and Wienen. By Lap 5, Joel Hetrick (Can-Am) had taken over the third place spot from Upperman and held onto it for the remainder of the race.

Meanwhile Natalie lead a tenacious Wienen around the track up until the very last lap. Much like Moto 2 in Georgia, Wienen was able to sneak past Natalie at the last possible moment and steal the win. Behind Hetrick in third and Upperman in fourth, Thomas Brown (Yamaha) managed to work his way up to fifth after a slow start.

Moto 2

In Moto 2, Wienen decided to make things easier for himself and took the lead right off the bat. Natalie kept a close trail on Wienen throughout the race, but was never able to find a line around him. For the fourth race in a row, Wienen took first with Natalie just behind him in second.

Moto 2 finished the same as the first down to fourth place. Hetrick worked his way up to third after spending the early part of the race back in fifth, while Upperman rode into his second fourth place finish of the day. Fifth place went to Joe Byrd (Honda) this time around, while Brown dropped back to sixth.

After Muddy Creek, Wienen now holds a perfect score of 100, while Natalie stands 12 points behind at 88. If Wienen keeps this winning streak up much longer, that gap is only going to get bigger and more difficult to close. We’ll soon find out if he can do it on Saturday, May 5th at Budds Creek, Maryland.

AMA Pro ATV Results

  1. Chad Wienen, Yamaha, (1-1)
  2. John Natalie, Can-Am, (2-2)
  3. Joel Hetrick, Can-Am, (3-3)
  4. Josh Upperman, Honda, (4-4)
  5. Thomas Brown, Yamaha, (5-6)
  6. Joe Byrd, Honda, (7-5)
  7. Nick DeNoble, Honda, (6-7)
  8. Derek Swartfager, Honda, (8-8)
  9. Mark Madl, Honda, (9-9)
  10. Harold Goodman, HON, (10-10)

AMA ATV Motocross Championship Pro Point Standings

  1. Chad Wienen, Yamaha - 100
  2. John black porn Natalie, Can-Am- 88
  3. Josh Upperman, Honda - 76
  4. Thomas Brown, Yamaha - 65
  5. Joel Hetrick, Can-Am - 65
  6. Nick DeNoble, Honda - 58
  7. Derek Swartfager, Honda - 54
  8. Mark Madl, Honda - 54
  9. Joe Byrd, Honda – 43
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