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Ashley Fiolek Hot

Ashley Fiolek

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Ashley Fiolek is a 21-year-old fierce motocross rider. She emerged into the spotlight during the 2008 AMA Women’s Motocross Association Pro National Hangtown Competition.  She entered the race as a Rookie, and left a champion. This was only the beginning to her long string of accomplishments.

Ashley Fiolek is an incredible motocross rider, and her unique situation only pushes her harder to be successful in a sport dominated by sound.  Ashley Fiolek has been deaf since birth, however she states it doesn’t bother her and it actually enhances her riding skills. She is more focused and ensures her lines are clean and her passes are quick. 

Ashley has been riding without training wheels since 7 years old, and has not stopped since.  She was an accomplished rider in the amateur league. In 2004 she dominated the 9-13 age group in the Loretta Lynn Air Nautique Amateur Nationals, with a 1st place title. Over the next four years she proved to be fearless, by accomplishing 13 more national titles in the amateur league.  After her 2008 breakthrough win, she continued to earn championship titles. In 2009 she earned her second overall win in the AMA Women’s National Motocross.  Also in 2009, she continued her winning streak, with her first Gold Medal in the Women’s Moto X Super X, at the X Games. In 2010 she held that title earning her second Gold Medal in the Women’s Motocross Supercross.

Ashley not only has proven to be an inspiration, due to her disability, but due to her drive and motivation.  During her 2008 riding season she suffered a broken wrist, and still took home the Women’s Motocross Association Pro National Hangtown championship.  In 2009, at Steel City Raceway in Pennsylvania she needed to finish 11th place or higher to win the AMA Woman’s National Motocross championship, for the second time. During one of the laps, in her first moto, she wrecked, breaking her collarbone. Ashley got back on her bike and kept riding for five more laps, finishing in 7th place, earning her second championship title.

Ashley Fiolek has exploded onto the motocross scene, proving to be a strong willed champion.  She is a role model to everyone, proving you can accomplish anything despite any odds that you may feel are stacked against you. 


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