News Safety Man Trapped Under Burning Car Shares Survival Story, Thanks Rescuers

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Man Trapped Under Burning Car Shares Survival Story, Thanks Rescuers Hot

brandon_wrightEarlier this week, 21-year-old Brandon Wright was involved in an accident that left him lying under a burning car. If it weren't for the brave individuals who witnessed the crash, who rushed to the scene, and who lift the burning car up off of Wright's body, the 21-year-old would not still be here today.

"It's a miracle," Wright said.

The 21-year-old says that he doesn't remember much about the accident, but he does remember how scared he was.

"When the guy in the green shirt was talking to me that was the scariest thing I've ever dealt with in my life because I was conscious but I couldn't move yet, and I couldn't talk for awhile, I just thought I was going to be paralyzed.

"I just want to thank all the heroes that put their lives on the line to save mine, I'll be forever in debt, I can't thank them enough," said Wright.

Tom White, MD, Intermountain Medical Center Trauma Team, said that if Wright wasn't rescued by the bystanders his injuries could have been fatal.

"I think if he had stayed there any significant length of time longer his injuries would've been much more severe and perhaps even lethal," said the doctor.

The heroes of the story are now getting their day in the sun. Some have appeared on ABC and Ellen DeGeneres is flying as many as she can to appear on her show. And according to ABC, there is a big surprise waiting for them there.

Lee Christensen, one of the rescuers, told "Good Morning America."

"Everybody was just reacting. It happened so fast. Everybody just worked together and we got him out of there."

You can see a video of the rescue here. 

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