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Virginia Rider Alert Card Program Hot

Rider Alert logoLife-saving identification data cards are now freely available for all Virginia motorcycle riders thanks to the Richmond Ambulance Authority (RAA), the Bon Secours Virginia Health System, and Motorcycle Virginia Inc.

Rider Alert Cards

These data cards are officially known as the Rider Alert program and are produced by the RAA. They contain rather vital, life-critical information, emergency contact info and any important or pertinent medical information for use by emergency personnel responding to an accident. A one-inch round sticker meant for the outside of the helmet alerts those first on scene of the First Alert card presence and tells any bystanders to leave the helmet on the downed rider to avoid further injury.First Rider Alert cards issued

Rider Alert is, unfortunately, currently limited to Virginia only. But, Virginia does have a definite need according to Rob Lawrence, COO of RAA. He states, “Motorcycle accidents and fatalities are on the rise in Virginia. This card is born out of experience – it has been designed by paramedics who have been on both sides of an accident as the injured rider or as medical help. Accessing this basic information after a motorcycle accident can sometimes be impossible. This small tool could mean the difference between life and death.” That is a high quality argument for the Rider Alert program, the first of its kind in the United States.

Rider Alert Background

These informative Rider Alert tags are based on a similar program already deployed in the United Kingdom. That program is known as the CRASH Card and was started two years ago by the Ambulance Motorcycle Club; so far it has 325,000 motorcycle riders signed up from all over Europe. Rider Alert only came about after the RAA and Motorcycle Virginia studied the English system and then decided to implement the same idea for the riders of their state.

When Rider Alert was being developed, first responders and motorcycle riders were both consulted for their input. Of course, making your important medical information available to the first trained professionals arriving on the scene of an accident is of vital importance, and that was the prime focus here. These groups began working with other interested parties to put together the best system they could, and thus came Rider Alert program seen here. Bon Secours was among the first to sign up, and they helped the project from concept through design and launch and plan to continue working closely with Rider Alert in the future.

Rider Alert Success…

Rider Alert Card exampleSuccess of the Rider Alert program will depend heavily on the adoption rate within Virginia. There are over 100,000 licensed motorcycle riders in the state, at present, and the number is growing steadily. Motorcycle Virginia will work very hard to get the cards into the hands of every one of them using their connections with many affiliated and motorcycle-related groups.

Some hard work and a general acceptance on the part of the motorcycle riding public will hopefully lead to widespread use of the Rider Alert program within Virginia…and, maybe one day, beyond.

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