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LoJack's Top 5 Motorcycle Recovery Stories of 2010 Hot

lojackThere is only one way to protect your motorcycle better than a LoJack system. Never leave its side. And although most of us would love to dedicate the time and effort to stay near our bikes all day every day, we know that it's just not possible. So many riders choose the next best thing, a LoJack security system. 

LoJack has just revealed its top 5 motorcycle recovery stories of 2010.

1.) LoJack recovers a bike purchased with a counterfeit check. 

Not all robberies involve breaking an entry. Some are done like a normal business transaction. An owner of a 2007 Harley Davidson sold his bike on Craigslist to a buyer who paid with a counterfeit check. Once the fraud was discovered, the owner notified the police who tracked the bike's LoJack signal. The bike was returned to the owner in Cleveland, and the counterfeiter was put under arrest. 

2.) A ballsy thief steals a cops bike. A California police officer had her Ducati, as well as guns, jewelry, and TVs, stolen from her home. The officer alerted her friends on the force, who were able to track down the bike within three hours. The bike, along with other stolen goods valuing more than $60,000 were recovered. 

3.) LoJack leads to Chop Shop in Vegas. It took just 64 minutes for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department to locate a stolen 2008 Yamaha equipped with a LoJack security system. Police also found two other motorcycles, a jet ski, and a trailer. Three people were taken into custody.

4,) Suzuki recovered in 6 minutes. Not to outdo the Las Vegas police department, but the New Orleans police force found a 2008 Suzuki GS1 in just 6 minutes. The bike wasn't even reported missing by the owner. Police received an alert from LoJack's Early Warning system that said that the bike had been moved without permission. Within minutes police swarmed a Ford 350 that had the motorcycle in the back. To make things even better, police learned that the van, along with another identical van, were both stolen. Total recovery. Over $90,000.

5.) One LoJack, 5 vehicles recovered. Baltimore police tracked down a 2008 Honda CBR1000 this year, and in the process recovered four other motorcycles and a Cadillac Escalade. 

LoJack isn't the only motorcycle system out there, but it's one of the best. Whatever system you choose to use, make sure that your bike stays safe. 

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