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English Motorcycle Safety Goes Online Hot

95_ALIVE_LogoWe all spend enormous amounts of time online – at least those who are reading what is written here likely do. The website which usually sits near the top of the ‘most viewed’ category in almost everyone’s case is YouTube, as it often provides entertaining, educational and even impressively creative content. The road safety experts of Ryedale and North Yorkshire in the UK know this very well, so they have decided to make good use of this widely viewed site.

The 95 Alive York and North Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership has created a YouTube channel dedicated to reducing the number of motorcyclists seriously injured or killed on the roads there. On the new channel, you will find hard-hitting videos aimed directly at riders to show them what can happen when motorcyclists don’t accept responsibility for their own safety and that of the other riders and drivers around them. Serious crashes, life-changing injuries and death are featuredYouTube_logo front-and-center in tales from individuals who have been directly affected by tragic motorcycle incidents.

95 Alive is sending links to the videos to motorcycle riders all over northern England and is asking anyone who rides or knows someone who rides a motorcycle to pass the videos around. The more eyes they can get on their channel the further the message will spread. It may seem like a small step, but disseminating information which could save a life should be done through any avenue available.

Take a look for yourself at: and pass it around.

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