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“Motorcycle Diaries” on Another Continent Hot

Jay TarucThe premise here is that a motorcycle can tell a story, and on that truth all who are reading this can surely agree. Peabody award-winning journalist Jay Taruc will be filming some of those tales in his new show Motorcycle Diaries.

Motorcycle Diaries Television

Jay Taruc, a journalist for the Philippines station GMA News TV, will be taking his motorcycle and his camera to places all over the country to see, listen and tell the stories of the people he meets along the way. Motorcycle Diaries will be a documentary in the style of Long Way ‘Round, the world-spanning documentary show from Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor, but set in the 7,000 island archipelago of the Philippines.Some of Jay Taruc's work on DVD

Taruc explains, “"In the four corners of the country, and even in the most remote areas of the Philippines, you will find a motorcycle. My motorcycle is not just a prop but a dynamic element of story telling. I want the motorcycle to be a symbol of how extreme and far the organization will go in foraging for untold stories of people and places.”

Jay Taruc

The appeal of Motorcycle Diaries is obvious for riders who love watching two-wheeled travelogues with interesting stories and anthropology geeks alike. And, in case you are worried, Jay Taruc is a passionate rider in his own right and has been on two wheels for 12 years now – he’s still rather young. His journalistic and filmmaking experience are actually far more extensive and include numerous awards from multinational news organizations, accolades from domestic and foreign news agencies, and he was the very first Filipino to win the coveted George Foster Peabody Award.

A TV Near You?

Sandra Aguinaldo, Jay Taruc, Howie Severino, Kara David of GMA TV NewsJay Taruc’s Motorcycle Diaries will begin airing on GMA News TV on 15 July at 20:00 local time. It will be a show produced directly from the driving passions of this interesting journo – motorcycles and documentary filmmaking – and involve the lives of people all around the motorcycle-covered Asian nation.

As of this writing, there is no word on whether Motorcycle Diaries will be available on any networks outside of the Philippines, unfortunately. It is most annoying when stories are told but remain seen and heard by only a few; and the quality documentary work of Jay Taruk has always been worthy of viewing, hearing and understanding. His stories are bold, well-told and all too human. Motorcycles work as a gateway to the more important parts of what makes us who we are, and Motorcycle Diaries will be a door that merits looking into…

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