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Motion Pro Clutch Holding Tool Hot

Motion Pro Clutch Holding Tool

Motion Pro Clutch Holding Tool

Motion Pro has odd looking locking pliers with long jaws and right angle ends. Just lock them on an inner clutch hub and removing or setting torque on the clutch hub nut is a snap. Why risk your fingers, that expensive clutch basket, or your bike's transmission parts? You can also use it to hold sprockets and some gears. There are eight-millimeter pins on the back that will hold some flywheels.

As engineers eye every part on a bike for weight savings, it is easier than ever to distort a part with incorrect torque. With this tool to hold the clutch, working on the clutch is easier than you ever imagined. No impact wrench required. Simply use a socket and a ratchet or better yet a torque wrench. The tool has a huge range of adjustment so it fits any clutch basket we have tried it on, so you'll only need to buy this tool black porn once unless your so-called friends borrow it.

The tool is not recommended for clutch baskets with a "V" or half-round (KTM RFS four-stroke) clutch baskets. This is a highly useful, quality tool that only costs $24.99. When you see one at your dealer, just buy it. That way you have it and won't be running for the dealer when you need it.

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Motion Pro Clutch Holding Tool
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