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Brembo 2012 V-Twin Brake Product Line Hot

Brembo LED Body

Brembo 2012 V-Twin Brake Product Line
Brembo 2012 V-Twin Brake Product Line
Brembo 2012 V-Twin Brake Product Line

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Brembo has been making high-quality braking systems for over 50 years and every year Brembo brakes seem to get better and better. Based in Italy, Brembo has several brands of brakes and they make braking systems for several different types of uses, including racing.

In 2011, bikes with Brembo brakes won 55 of 57 races in the MotoGP, World Superbike, and American Superbike circuits. In 2012, the Brembo V-Twin line of brakes looks like it will better than ever.

LED Body Radial Master Cylinder

Brand new this year is something they call "LED Body". This Brembo radial master cylinder has LED direction indicators, the first time ever that brake systems are being combined with the luminous warning devices. It's not just safer, it looks good too - who'd have thought that brakes could be stylish?

Brembo has two patented applications for the LED Body so far. The first is a "direction-indicator" which is already available. The second, a "beacon" version, is going to be put on police motorcycles soon.

.484 Brake Calipers

Brembo has two new brake calipers in a ".484" line. The name comes from the displacement of the single caliper pistons, measured in cubic inches as is typical in the V-Twin market.

The .484 custom caliper is made from racing aluminum and machined using precision CNC equipment. The second caliper in the .484 line has 108 mm centers; it's manufactured and finished like the .484 custom but designed for enthusiasts looking for improved performance.

Marchesini M10R Kompe black porn Wheels

The Marchesini M10R Kompe Wheels were originally developed for the BMW R1200 GS and as of the 2012 Dealer Expo in Indianapolis they are available throughout North America. Constructed out of forged aluminum, the Marchesini M10R Kompe wheels are designed to provide better stability and steering precision at medium and high riding speeds.

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Brembo 2012 V-Twin Brake Product Line
Brembo 2012 V-Twin Brake Product Line
Brembo 2012 V-Twin Brake Product Line
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