News Industry Harley-Davidson's 110th Year Anniversary Celebration in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Harley-Davidson's 110th Year Anniversary Celebration in Milwaukee, Wisconsin Hot

Harley Davidson 105 Celebration in Milwaukee
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The big ole, hairy ole, Harley Davidson is about to turn 110 years old. In 2013 the company celebrates their birthdate with major events around the globe. One of the key 110th Year Anniversary events is a "throw down" party in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Labor Day weekend August 29, 2013--September 1, 2013.

Milwaukee Activities

  • Custom Bike Show
  • Motorcycle displays
  • World's Largest Bike Night at The Harley-Davidson Museum
  • Special H.O.G. 30th Anniversary Celebration

Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

If you are planning to trek to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the next party of the century we have a few tips the help make your celebration even better. Your journey won't be as complicated as it will be for those hoping over the "pond" to to the Harley-Davidson anniversary rally in Rome, Italy, but will require some planning.

In visiting Milwaukee for Harley-Davidson's 110th anniversary, there's plenty of preparation you can do. If you plan on attending, you need to decide how long you plan to stay in Milwaukee. This will determine how you plan everything else.

Since Milwaukee is the home of Harley Davidson, there are more Harley themed places and activities to do. This means you will have to stay on top of signing up early for special 110th anniversary events and activities within the overall celebration. It will also help to research the history of Harley and Milwaukee and find those lesser known places to visit there.

Travel & Accommodations

When attending the event in Milwaukee you have the choice of riding your bike, driving a car, driving and hauling your bikes, flying, or take a train and bring your bike. If you are going to fly, start researching air travel early. If you are going to ride or drive, research your route so you can make the most of your trip.

Researching hotels and calculating your expenses are just as important here as it is for your trip over there. Find out what hotels are available and what hotels are under construction now that might be finished by the time of the Harley event. If you have the cheese, take a look at renting a home instead of staying in a hotel. Also make sure to look into ways for keeping your money and your identity safe.

Document the Harley Anniversary Celebration

It doesn't make much sense to go to Milwaukee and have a great time at the Harley 110th Anniversary Celebration without making sure you have good pictures and maybe some video, does it? This might be a great excuse to get a great camera, both still and video if you can afford it.

Or you can by a unit that shoot both still and video. However, it is easier to have at least one dedicated still camera and one dedicated video camera. Larger cameras will produce much better images, but they also can be a hassle lugging around. However, this is already being forecasted to be an event of a life time. So carrying around a great camera could be worth it. Alternatively, there are several smaller more compact cameras that only fall just short of the picture quality of the bigger more complex units.

Make sure that your black porn batteries are strong, that you have spare batteries, and that you have a way recharge batteries on the road. There's nothing worse than running out of power in the middle of shooting! Also be sure to have a way to quickly save all of your images. With enough backup storage, you can dump the whole set of images and free up camera card and take fresh pics.

If you are really ambitious and plan to do both major events, the Rome, Italy Harley rally and the Milwaukee 110th anniversary celebration, the 470 plus days between now and then are exactly what you need to properly plan and prepare. More information and event details will follow in the coming months. For now, visit the Harley-Davidson site.


105th Harley Davidson Anniversary Parade - Milwaukee, WI

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