News Industry Harley-Davidson's 110th Year Anniversary Celebration in Rome, Italy

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Harley-Davidson's 110th Year Anniversary Celebration in Rome, Italy Hot

Harley-Davidson in Rome, Italy
Photo © Cristian Bortes



Harley-Davidson will celebrate its 110th year anniversary with a string of global events, including a major rally in Rome, Italy, on June 13-16, 2013. This year-long celebration will also mark the 30th anniversary of H.O.G, the Harley Owners Group.

If you are planning on visiting Rome for Harley-Davidson's 110th anniversary, though, you have some work ahead of you.

Joining Harley-Davidson in Rome, Italy

Yes, June 2K13 is a long ways away. Knowing how crazy popular this event is going to be, though, you need to start planning your trip now. One of the first things to do is to discuss with your friends, husband, wife, children or family and decide if you are going to attend.

If your discretionary funds are like mine, create a budget. Calculate how much the trip will cost you and how much time you will need to save the amount of money necessary. And don't forget to add a line item to your budget for the "unexpected" - because there's always something unexpected that crops up.

Traveling to Rome... With a Harley?

Start researching air travel from your home to Rome. If you're really serious about participating in the Rome Harley event, now's the time to start thinking about whether you want to go the extra mile and have your Harley shipped to Italy.

You might even consider traveling by sea, which will allow you to travel along with your bike. Shipping a bike overseas isn't cheap, but maybe you can make an extended vacation out of it and ride your Harley around Italy for a couple weeks.

Harley Activities In Rome

These are a few of the things that Harley-Davidson already has planned for their big rally in Rome:

  • Harley Village with entertainment, food, drink
  • Live Music
  • Exclusive area for H.O.G. members
  • Demo rides and Jump Start
  • Custom Bike Show
  • Expo and motorcycle displays
  • Dealers with merchandise
  • Vatican City activities

Preparing for Rome

  • Accommodations: Research what hotels are available and what hotels are under construction now that might be finished by this time. If you have the cheese, take a look at renting a home instead of staying in a hotel.

  • Money: Research the value of the currency there and the cost of everyday items - food, clothes, fuel. You might even want to keep an eye on the exchange rates so you get feel for what is and isn't a good deal. Also make sure to look into ways for keeping your money and your identity safe.

  • Passport: Make sure that you have a current passport; if you don't, this is the time to get one. Do not wait, because getting a passport can take four to six weeks for normal processing. If you opt for the expedited service (for first time passport applicants only) your cost will be raised by $50.00 (from $135.00 to $185.00) to reduce the processing time down to two to three weeks.

  • Language: All this time will provide you with an ample opportunity to learn to speak "poco un Italiano" (a little Italian). This is more than enough time to sign up for a class or to buy a Rosetta Stone CD or online tutorial and learn the language.

  • Laws: Study up on the laws in Italy, because as we have seen with other Americans in the news, things can get ugly when faced with foreign legal matters. If you're taking a Harley to Rome with you, be sure you're familiar with Italian driving laws, too. Playing the "ignorant American" won't get you out of an Italian speeding ticket!

  • Cameras: Make sure to get a great camera, both still and video if you can afford it. You can by a unit that shoots both still and video, but, it is easier to have at least one dedicated still camera and one dedicated video camera. Larger cameras will usually produce much better images, but they also can be a hassle lugging around. However, the Harley rally in Rome is already being forecasted to be an event of a life time, so carrying around a great camera could be worth it. Alternatively, there are some smaller more compact cameras that only fall just short of the picture quality of the bigger more professional units.

  • Batteries: Make sure that the battery life is long and that you have a way recharge the battery on the road. In addition, buy European power converters for all of your electrical devices. Also be sure to have a way to quickly save all of your images. Have plenty of storage so that you can dump the whole sort of images away so that the camera card has enough space for fresh pic's.

  • Health: Last but not least, discuss your trip to Rome with your physician so that they can recommend any vaccination shots or supplements that you may need.

More information and details will follow in the coming months at the official Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary page.

Checklist for Attending the Harley-Davidson Rally in Rome

  • Start planning trip now.
  • Discuss trip with friends, husband, wife, children and family
  • Create budget for trip
  • Research shipping a motorcycle overseas
  • Research air and sea travel
  • Research accommodations
  • Research currency rates
  • Get or renew passport
  • Learn to speak Italiano
  • Learn laws
  • Buy a camera, still and video if possible
  • Have good batteries
  • Buy European power converters
  • Have external image storage devices
  • Get checked out by your doctor


Riding a Harley Out of Rome

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