News Industry Harley Davidson Plans Global 110th Year Anniversary Celebration

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Harley Davidson Plans Global 110th Year Anniversary Celebration Hot

Harley-Davidson Anniversary
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In 2013 Harley-Davidson will celebrate its 110th year anniversary. When you think about the fact that way back in 1985, Harley-Davidson was almost lost, this is a remarkable milestone.

Reaching its 100th year anniversary was huge considering the obstacles the company overcame.

Remembering Harley's 100th Anniversary

In 2003 Harley Davidson celebrated its 100th year anniversary in grand style. The legendary American motorcycle manufacturer held events around the globe to mark this centennial milestone. There were multiple "official" Harley events held all over the US, Mexico, Australia, Europe and Japan. In addition to these, who knows how many "unofficial" 100th year celebrations were sparked off. Harley Davidson planned, organized and hosted an ambitious number of events that would only be worthy of its heritage.

As you can imagine, there were more road trip activities than you can shake a stick at. After all, Harley is known for designing and building motorcycles for cruising and having a faithful following of owners that love road tripping. A variety of activities were everywhere. Activities such as parades, live music, show bike show offs, food, and riding skills competitions. The best part of all is that some of this parting benefited charities and individuals in need. Having a good time and supporting a good cause, now that sounds good to me.

Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary

Some of you that are new to riding had other things to think about in 2013. So much of this celebrating probably went on without much of your attention or without your knowledge completely. Now this is your opportunity to mark another milestone with the company. In 2013, Harley Davidson will celebrate its 110th year anniversary.

Similar to its celebration in 2003, the 2013 celebration too will feature a string of global events. Two of the key events include a rally in Rome, Italy on June 13-16, 2013 and a "throw down" party in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Labor Day weekend August 29, 2013-September 1, 2013.

These events too will be punctuated with live music, food, parades and various bike competitions. Harley riders, who are known for their love of riding and raising money for good causes, will have opportunities to do this in 2013.

Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.) 30th Anniversary

In addition to celebrating their 110th anniversary, Harley-Davidson is also marking the 30th anniversary of H.O.G., the Harley Owners Group. Creating in 1983, H.O.G. exists to create stronger ties between the company, employees, sellers, and of course Harley-Davidson riders.

Membership in H.O.G. already comes with a number of benefits, including member-only motorcycle rides, but there will also be a bunch of extras for H.O.G. members at most if not all of the Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary events.

For those who don't know own a Harley, you might want to crank up that old engine, Google, and search for owners selling Harleys, best prices on used Harleys and even where to rent Harleys. After all, if you are going to any of these events, you don't want to be caught driving or riding some else other than a Harley.

More information and event details will follow in the coming months. For now, keep an eye on the official Harley Davidson 110th Year Anniversary Page.


105th Harley-Davidson Anniversary, Milwaukee, WI

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