News Industry Shell Opens Motorcycle Only Gas Station in India

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Shell Opens Motorcycle Only Gas Station in India Hot

shell_gas_stationIndia is home to more than 50 million motorcycles and now, 1 motorcycle only gas station. Shell has just opened up a gas station, billed as "Shell Motor Express," which will only serve two-wheel vehicles.

President Director and Country Chairman Shell Indonesia Darwin Silalahi said:

"Shell Motor Express is the first innovation of its kind in the gas station business in Indonesia and for Shell globally. It is also an example of government and private partnership in creating a precise solution to answer the local challenges. By exclusively serving motorcyclists, we wish to support the Government's policy for the well-targeted use of subsidized fuel."

Shell says that the new gas station will not only make it easier for motorcyclists to get fuel, but it will also provide a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, since the start up cost and space required is significantly less than a full gas station.

"This devoted gas station for motor cycles will also be able to grow more small and medium enterprises because the investment required is much smaller than the standard retail outlets," said the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Jero Wacik. "In the end, this kind of effort will be able to support the Government-development oriented programs on 4 pillars namely: pro-growth, pro-job, pro-poor and pro-environment."

President Director of Midi Utama Indonesia Rullyanto, added:

"We are delighted to work with Shell which is one of the largest multinational companies in the world in oil and gas. Shell Motor Express provides an opportunity for our franchisees who are small medium entrepreneurs to invest in the fuels retailing business.  With a total of over 300 Alfamidi outlets, we hope that this kind of fuel-station business will enable us to penetrate more markets in larger areas."

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