News Industry Ural Releases Two LE Motorcycles for 70th Anniversary

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Ural Releases Two LE Motorcycles for 70th Anniversary Hot

uralUral is releasing two limited edition motorcycles to celebrate its 70th anniversary. Ural will be releasing an M70 sidecar and solo motorcycle North America to pay homage to the first motorcycles produced by the legendary Russian manufacturer during World War II.

Ural writes in a press release:

"It was a brutally cold November in 1941. The Nazis were on the outskirts of Moscow, preparing for an all-out assault on the Soviet capital. At the same moment, in a small town of Irbit, located on the eastern slopes of the Ural Mountains, 2,000km away from Moscow, a freight train arrived with machinery, materials, drawing boards and people with a seemingly impossible task of building a factory in the middle of a Siberian winter and produce Ural combat sidecar motorcycles for the Red Army.

"The motorcycle that was to be built at the Irbit factory was called the M72, essentially a copy of a BMW R71, the best sidecar motorcycle of the time: a rugged, all terrain model capable of carrying three people and heavy loads, ideal for mobile troops... The first motorcycles built by the Irbit factory were sent to the front lines in February of 1942 and were used by the troops in the Battle of Stalingrad. During the war, nearly 10,000 M72s served in reconnaissance and dispatch detachments, and were also used to evacuate the wounded from battlefields."

70 years after its dramatic introduction into the world, Ural is still going strong. The M70 is being built to resemble its veteran predecessor. So yes, it will come with a machine gun mount. The M70 will also include the spare wheel and utility shovel.

The M70 takes its look from the war motorcycle of the 1940s, but the technology behind it comes from the 21st century. The 749cc engine is quipped with 18-inch aluminum rims, 40mm Marzochhi telescopic forks, Sachs shocks, Brembo front disc brakes, and other modern features.

Only 30 sidecar motorcycles will be produced and only 10 solo motorcycles. The LE M70 sidecar has an MSRP of $4,200. The solo will go for $9,150.

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