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Zero Unveils 2012 Line

2012_zeroMore power, more speed, and more distance. Zero Motorcycles continues to push the electric motorcycle envelope and its 2012 product line is full of some of the best zero-emission motorcycles on the market.

Zero has upped its range to 114 miles for the 2012 product line. They've also brought the top speed up to 88 mile per hour. Here are some of the sweet product features from the new line of Zero Motorcycles.

  • You can now ride up to 114 miles on a charge
  • Revolutionary new battery technology will allow you to travel up to 308,000 miles on the original power pack
  • All the street models let you ride without ever worrying about any routine powertrain maintenance (imagine that)
  • Regenerative braking to maximize your range
  • Top speeds of up to 88 mph and more power for each model
  • Sophisticated and striking new design elements that give the lineup a new look that will draw eyes and conversations where ever you go

Check out Zero's new 2012 Motorcycle video.

The 2012 lineup of new Zero Motorcycles will be available in February. 

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