News Industry 1894 Steam Powered Motorcycle Expected to Set Sales Record

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1894 Steam Powered Motorcycle Expected to Set Sales Record Hot

roper_motorcycleWhat's the most expensive motorcycle to ever sell at auction? Well, in a few weeks, it will probably be the 1894 Roper Steam Motorcycle.

The Roper Steam Motorcycle will be sold at RM's debut Las Vegas sale on January 12-14. The Roper for sale is one of just two steam-powered motorcycles built by Sylvester Roper of Roxbury, Massachusetts. The bike is 117-years old and predates the earliest examples of both Harley and Indian.

"We're delighted to have been selected to present this historic motorcycle at our inaugural Las Vegas sale in January. A significant piece of Americana, it is arguably one of the world's most important motorcycles. We anticipate strong interest in its sale," says Glenn Bator, Head of Auctions America by RM's Vintage Motorcycle Division.

The Roper motorcycle took a little while to get going, but once the water boiler was firing and steam pressure was built up, the Roper steam motorcycle could travel at a speed of 40 mph.

The other motorcycle built by Roper is currently in the Smithsonian.

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