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Zero Motorcycles Heads to South America

zero_motorcycles_south_americaAs the technology behind electric motorcycles continues to grow, so does the industry. Zero Motorcycles is expanding its operation to South America where the  Zero S, DS and XU models are now available for sale and demo rides.

"Zero Motorcycles has experienced exceptional growth throughout Europe, and now we are pleased to be expanding our sales and distribution channels to Brazil to continue the enhancement of Zero's international reach," says John Lloyd, Zero's VP world wide sales. "Our partnership with Grupo Izzo will allow us to expand Zero Motorcycles' presence in the Southern Hemisphere while giving motorcycle enthusiasts the opportunity to experience our high performance electric motorcycles throughout South America."

In 2008, Zero Motorcycles entered the European market where it experienced a rapid growth in demand. Zero expects the South American culture to embrace its motorcycles with the same fever as the European crowd. Zero's full product line is now available in Brazil and Zero will be putting its motorcycles on display at the Zalao Das Duas Rodas show in Sao Paulo, Brazil, next weekend.

"We have chosen to represent the Zero Motorcycles brand to deliver high performance and premium electric motorcycles within large urban centers that are quite environmentally friendly," said Paulo Izzo, the president of Grupo Izzo,  a company that has developed many new markets in Brazil. "The breadth of products that Zero Motorcycles provides gives our customers a choice of performance, speed and range expected of an urban vehicle in Brazil. With the environmental awareness that our country has, we are confident that we have partnered with the right brand to meet the expectations of this market."

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