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Aprilia Malaysia Launch Hot

Aprilia Malaysia support the World Champions of the future by creating a one make racing series for young teenagers from Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region. 
AllAboutBikes Aprilia

Moto Millia the importers for Aprilia motorcycles in Malaysia have launched the "Aprilia RS125 Challenge Cup" a one make racing series. Racing simultaneously it will be divided into 2 categories, namely the Junior Riders Cup for 13 -17 year olds and Open Class for enthusiasts aged above 18.
With recognition and support from the Motorsport Association of Malaysia the series aims to become a platform for young riders in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific Region to develop and become the World Champions of the future at minimal cost. 
The young riders will have use of race prepared Aprilia RS125's which as standard have been fitted with sophisticated technology developed from Aprilia's success in GP racing. Over the years, the RS 125 has forged a reputation as the standard setter for sports 125's. The Aprilia RS 125 offers young riders the best in components and equipment, and a concentration of technical refinements worthy of a flagship sports bike.



The series will take place as part of the Malaysian Super Series
Championship with the first round taking place on the weekend of 11th - 12th April 2009 at the Sepang International Circuit with an additional four rounds to follow, which includes a support race at the Malaysian Motorcycle Grand Prix in October. 
Each round will consist of two practice sessions, a qualifying session and two races comprised of twelve laps. The end of the season could see tworiders (an Asia Pacific Rider and a Malaysian Rider) selected for a full sponsorship to participate in Spain at the "Red Bull Rookies 2009 Final Rider Selection" in November 2009. 

AllAboutBikes Aprilia Malaysia Launch

A rental package which includes a race prepared Aprilia RS125, a set of
Pirelli SuperCorsa tires (one set per round), pit support, fuel, lubricants and fluids as well as entry fees for all five rounds can be obtained for RM25,000.00 (in addition a RM5,000.00 crash and damage deposit) with an affordable payment plan also available. Riders will need to supply their own personal racing equipment such as helmet, back protector, gloves etc and all travel costs will be at the expense of the rider whilst Moto Millia will be at your disposal for logistics advice if required. An Ownership package is also available.
Moto Millia Managing Director, Razak Al Malique, said "The absence of a
Regional rider development programme drives us to create this series. W
need a platform for young riders within the Asia Pacific region to develop their passion, racing skills and career. We have presented this series to the various ASNs' in the region and are tirelessly promoting for international entries to create the right environment where talent from across the region can directly compete with each other, compared and further developed. 
Out of a maximum grid of 25 riders we have reserved 15 slots for
international participants. If we succeed in getting competitors from
countries such as Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, China and so on, this will be a series where top racing teams will scout for talent. The entry cost has been kept at a bare minimum and it is unlikely that we will breakeven but for us successful implementation of the series is much more critical than gearing for commercial returns."
For further press information or a copy of the RS125 Challenge Cup
presentation you can contact Malique at 03-2287 3878 or 012 3003007
This asks the question, why can Europe keep the Redbull Rookie cup, Malasia opens the door to a new challenge for the youngsters and we can’t keep the Redbull Rookie cup going here in the states?


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