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Ducati Numero Quattro Opens in Bangalore Hot

Ducati Monster in BengaluruDucati's expansion into South Asia began a mere two years ago with a partnership involving Precision Motor India Private Ltd. and they are already opening their fourth location. Only last month, a swank new, multi-level Ducati showroom was inaugurated in Bengaluru (Bangalore).

Ducati India Expansion

India witnessed its very first Ducati store opening at the end of October in 2009, so not even two years have passed between that event and this fourth shop. During that time, most of the major motorcycle manufacturers of the world also introduced much of their line-up into the nation. Until recently, India did not allow large displacement motorbikes on the roads, so this was a very big deal to riders on the Subcontinent.

Ducati jumped into India rather quickly seeing what is a vast untapped market for high-spec, high-style motorcycles – an aspirational product. The Italian firm joined with a local distributor – Precision Motor India – for supplying India and then brought the operation under the auspices of Ducati Asia Pacific, which handles all business in the region.

Ducati Sales India

Thus far within India, Ducati sales have been a bit slow compared to what they see in other countries, but this is only the beginning. The most popular model has been the Monster, as one might find reasonable given the chaos of the Indian city streets, but the 848EVO is close behind it, surprisingly.

Over the entire Indian market, Ducati has said that they expect to sell more than 200 Italian stallions this year alone – not big numbers, but for a new entrant whose bikes are comparatively expensive compared to the hundreds of thousands of scooter-sized machines bought each year, it's not a bad beginning.

Ducati Availability

Ducati Asia Pacific CEO Mirko BordingaAs of now, Ducati's entire motorcycle like-up is available for sale in India, from the Monster 796 all the way up to the brand spanking new Diavel. Indian consumers will have no issues with selection; if they can afford it, they can buy whichever Ducati is desired. Exact numbers of each bike are not known, but Ducati now has a wide support network in the Asia-Pacific region, so one would expect them to be able to ship in anything they need quite quickly.

Ducati is certainly ready to sell its motorcycle apparel, accessories and lifestyle products in India. That is the whole purpose of the new Bengaluru showroom, to put on display the entire Ducati "lifestyle experience" and sell it to the adoring Indian public. Ducati will use this location to continue increasing the enthusiasm and passion for the marque by selling motorcycles, providing service, technical help, parts, accessories and everything else with a Ducati logo emblazoned on it.

Ducati's Future in India

The beginning has come, and now the future work of Ducati within India is ramping up; four locations, every single model available, and an all-out marketing attack will leave little to chance. They have a plan and are currently executing it with precision. Next on the agenda are riding schools at a local track, big race-day parties at the new shop and, possibly, a Ducati Café...Italian moto-culture is in India to stay!

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