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First Look at Victory Motorcycles 2012 Lineup Hot

Victory Motorcycles has just unveiled a sneak peak at their 2012 lineup. Victory will be pushing out 15 motorcycles in 2012, including improved versions of the Vision, Cross Roads, and High-Ball, as well as a brand new model, the 2012 Cross Country Tour.


CrossCountryTourThe 2012 Cross Country Tour: "The new cross country tour sets a new high standard for hard baggers, providing riders with unprecedented comfort and the greatest cargo capacity of any production motorcycle in the world."

Victory proved that it knows a thing or two about luxury cruisers when it released the Vision, but Victory is upping its game with the new Cross Country Tour. The Cross Country features Victory's tried and true Freedom 106/6 stage 1 V-twin engine with 109 lbs of torque, ABS brakes, and reliable 6-speed transmission, but also has luxury items like heated grips and seat, adjustable floorboards, and a high-quality stereo.

But what makes the Cross Country Tour unique is the tall windshield, the air control system, and the enormous lockable storage which gives 17.7 gallons of storage in the trunk alone.

Vision_Bronze_riderThe Victory Vision: "The Victory Vision is the industry's premium, full-featured luxury-touring bike that treats riders to outstanding comfort, protection, convenience and cargo space."

The Vision returns in 2012 as another great touring option from Victory. The Vision handles surprisingly well for its size, and comes with all the little extras to make long distance touring comfortable. From heated seats, to built in speakers, to an adjustable windshield, the Victory Vision has all you'll need to make it from point a to point b, even when those points are thousands of miles apart.

Powered by the same 106 cubic inch V-Twin engine as the Cross Country Tour, the Vision is a powerful but nimble motorcycle. The Vision has 29 gallons of storage built into the futuristic looking body, which is slightly less than the Cross Country Tour, but more than what you'll need.

CrossCountry_RedSilver_lifestyle3The Cross Country - "The cross country is a smooth-riding hard bagger that provides riders with tremendous comfort, great style, impressive cargo space, protection and an integrated audio system. its low mean look, favored by the bagger crowd, hides a motorcycle rich in features and performance."

The Cross Country has a little more cruiser in it than the Vision or the Cross Country Tour, but it is still plenty capable of going coast to coast. The Cross Country is built on a strong, innovative two-piece, sand-cast hollow aluminum frame, has an air adjust rear suspension, and adjustable floor boards to make cruising distances comfortable.

CrossRoads_Blk_SoftBag_static1The Cross Roads: "A fantastic touring model that has been customized to suit the rider's style. equipped with cruise control and new for 2012, standard abs, the highest value touring motorcycle in the Victory line-up is ready to be the ideal daily rider, or to be dialed up for the long haul."

When you buy a Cross Roads, you get a motorcycle that is tailored to your needs. The Cross Roads is part of the Victory Core Custom Program which allows riders to choose bike color, saddlebag style, highway bar style and whether the bike has a windshield or not.

You'll still get the 106 cubic engine, extended floor boards, ABS brakes and a 5.8 gallon gas tank no matter what you choose, but with 48 possible combinations, you can make your Cross Roads a unique motorcycle that fits your personality.

CrossRoads_LECross Roads Classic LE: "With its special equipment and stunning paint, the limited-edition cross Roads le classic is truly an instant masterpiece."

The final touring option in Victory's 2012 lineup is the limited edition Cross Roads Classic. The Classic takes everything you love about the Cross Roads motorcycle, and gives it a new paint job, leather seat, wire wheels, and tip-over protection.


High-Ball_Style_7The High-Ball - "This high-stylin', bad-ass bike has ape hangers, minimal sheet metal, whitewall tires, spoked wheels and no-nonsense matte black paint."

Victory does touring bikes extremely well, but they also have some of the most beautiful cruisers on the market. The High-Ball, which was introduced in January of 2011, is no exception. The High-Ball is one of few cruisers to come with ape hangers standard, and because they can be adjusted to an upright or laid back position, they are legal in all 50 states.

The Vegas: "The legendary Vegas broke through old cruiser styling boundaries and it continues to impress riders with its stunning styling and outstanding Victory performance."

This curvy cruiser will be available in two models again this year. The standard Vegas and the Vegas Jackpot. Both bikes have the unique raised spine on the fenders and fuel tank to make these bikes stand out from your average cruisers. The Jackpot takes things one step further with its intense paint jobs, fat rear tire and tall front end.

Kingpin_PearlSilveThe Kingpin: "The Kingpin is a classic cruiser that makes a rider comfortable, confident and in control."

If Victory had an "entry level" motorcycle, it would be the King Pin. The classic cruiser has a low, 25.5 inch seat heat, short controls, and standard floorboards. The Kingpin, like all 2012 Victory motorcycles, still has the Freedom 106 engine, which makes it the perfect platform to customize into a long distance cruiser.

Hammer S: "Its paint and blacked-out components combine to evoke a muscle car vibe, which is fitting for a bike with such impressive power and premium braking."

The Hammer S is as close to a sportbike as you're going to get from Victory. The racing stripes and stage 2 106 engine give the Hammer S an aggressive look and enough power to back it up.

Hammer_8Ball_lifestyle1The 8-Balls - "They offer premium Victory performance at appealing price points, and serve as ideal platforms for riders who want to customize and personalize their rides."

Victory is bringing back two motorcycles from its 8-Ball series, but sadly, they're dropping the Vision 8-Ball. Customers will be able to get a hold of the Vegas 8-Ball and the Hammer 8-Ball in 2012 though.

Both dressed in black, the 8-Balls are the dark cousins of the Vegas and the Hammer. The 8-Balls are also the most affordable motorcycles in Victory's lineup. The Vegas comes in at just $12,500 while the Hammer hits a $14,500 price point, which is a few thousand dollars less than the Hammer S.

Vision_ArlenNess_4Victory is also teaming up again with the Ness family to bring out some amazing custom motorcycles. Three generations, Arlen Ness, Cory Ness, and Zach Ness, each took a different model Vision and added a touch of motorcycle genius.

Arlen used the Victory Vision to create his 2012 masterpiece. Cory customized the Cross Country, while Zach took hold of the Vegas 8-Ball. The Ness Signature series bikes will be available in limited numbers.

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