News Industry "Get On," "Revive Your Ride" Campaigns Help Motorcycle Industry Get Back on Two Wheels

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"Get On," "Revive Your Ride" Campaigns Help Motorcycle Industry Get Back on Two Wheels Hot

revive_your_rideIt's no secret that the motorcycle industry is struggling. Sales aren't even close to where they were five years ago, but manufacturers and the MIC are doing all they can to breathe some life back into bikes. The "Revive Your Ride" campaign, as well as the "Get On" campaign, have played a big role in stabilizing the motorcycle market.

For the last few years, motorcycle sales have been on the decline. But big manufacturers like Harley and Triumph are showing signs of improvement.

“The overall market continues to decline and, although we've bucked the trend over the past 12 months, we're far from complacent," said Guy Masters, the General Manager of Triumph UK.

The motorcycle industry has come together in the black porn last couple of years to promote motorcycles collectively. Campaigns like "Get On," and "Revive Your Ride," encourage people to test out motorcycles. Whether it's a Honda or a Harley, these campaigns are interested in promoting bikes.

"Revive Your Ride! can mean accessorizing the motorcycle you already have, pulling a machine out of the back of the garage and putting it back on the road or trail, getting some overdue service done, sizing up some fresh riding gear, and, yes, it can mean a new bike or ATV too," said Frank Esposito, member of the MIC Board of Directors. "The unified theme, style and design, if used by many dealerships, repeatedly, can collectively cut through today's marketing clutter. We want a clear message to customers that regardless of how much they have to spend, now is the best time to visit their local motorcycle dealer, aftermarket outlet or service shop."

Similarly, the "Get On" campaign wants to "support anyone in getting on two wheels by actively promoting the many positives of motorcycling, and by introducing as many people as possible who have never ridden to a free riding experience, and by encouraging those who have left motorcycling to start again."

Manufacturers are also doing their part by developing motorcycles that are accessible to women, novice riders, and older riders.

The motorcycle industry is still in decline, but things are starting to look up. Harley has just reported one of its best quarters in years. Triumph reported a 1.5% increase in sales from 2010, and Honda sales increased by more than 100% globally.

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