News Industry Another One Bites the Dust; EMA Inc. Closes in January

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Another One Bites the Dust; EMA Inc. Closes in January Hot

ema2010 was not the best year for the motorcycle business. With motorcycle sales decreasing, there are less and less people putting down the money for motorcycle accessories. The economic struggle has hit companies around the globe, and the latest to cave in to the economic pressure is European Motorcycle Accessories.

EMA Inc. will be closing its doors at the end of January. EMA Inc. has been in the motorcycle business for over a decade, and operates the EMA-USA retail store, as well as the EMI Group which imports motorcycle accessories from R&G Racing, Fren Tubo, TransLogic System, PVM Wheels, & Robby Moto Engineering.

EMA Inc. released a press release today saying that there has been some interest in the online retail store, but didn't say who, if anyone, was planning to purchase the website. EMA did say that a deal has not been finalized, and EMA is still considering offers.


If you are looking to buy items from one of EMI Group's product lines, you'll be able to get R&G racing gear at Twisted Throttle. The other companies are still considering new partners in the US. For the time being you can still buy from EMA, but only until the end of January. 


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