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Zero Motorcycles Arrive in Australia Hot

Zero DS Electric MotorcycleZero Motorcycles have made their way across the ocean and into Australia. Zero has just released the Zero S and the DS electric motorcycles in Australia, which makes Zero the first company to sell a street legal electric bike down under. 

“The arrival of our Zero S and DS in Australia allows motorcyclists to experience and purchase a street legal electric motorcycle for the first time” said John Lloyd, VP of Worldwide Sales for Zero Motorcycles. “Off-road enthusiasts have been enjoying the Zero X and MX over the last year. We’re excited to be growing our product offerings in Australia and look forward to continuing to expand our presence throughout the region.”

The Zero S and DS have a range of about 50 miles on a charge and are highway legal. Zero was already selling their Zero MX and Zero X bikes in Australia, and now with the addition of the S and the DS, the entire Zero line is available in Australia. 

“Australians have been thinking that electric motorcycles are years away from being seen on the roads. We are extremely pleased to announce that today, and for the first time ever, street legal electric motorcycles are available in the Australian market” said Phil Wilkinson, Director of Zero Motorcycles Australia. “From the response we’re getting, Australians can expect to see many Zeros on the road in the months to come.”

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