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AllAboutBikes Manufacturer IncentivesWith the current economic crunch, loads of people are keeping a keen eye on their spending. And for some, this means not purchasing that new motorcycle they wanted this year. But BMW and Ducati have skewed their U.S. marketing plans around these dire times, offering some outstanding deals for purchasers of new motorcycles.

BMW’s tagline for their marketing campaign says it all: “We Finance Fun! We’re Doing our Part to Stimulate Your Passion!” The German company is offering competitive fixed rates for up to 72 months. Now you can ride the new and versatile BMW G 650 GS, with ABS and loads of options for $140 a month.

BMW says, “The times may be tough, but the reasons to ride a new BMW have never been better. Whether it’s a full sales tax refund on your purchase of a new BMW, or incentives for public agency and military personnel, or our extended demo program on most of all our bikes, or the very active lending practices of BMW Financial Services, we are ready to stimulate your passion for riding.”

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Getting credit through many lending agencies maybe tough these days, but BMW Financial Services is very eager to cover the purchase of new BMW motorcycles at extremely competitive rates. To learn more about their “Stimulate Your Passion” spring promotions, contact your favorite BMW motorcycle dealer.

How about a Ducati? Ever dream of owning one? Or better yet, how about a Ducati 848 Superbike? Well now’s the time. Ducati, North America, recently partnered with Freedom Road Financial to provide customers with the best financing options in the industry. Ducati’s offering payments as low as $179 a month on the 848 Superbike. The company reports additional financing is available for Ducati Performance parts and accessories, and Ducati Ever Red extended service plans. If you’ve dreamed of riding one of these missiles, go ahead and visit your local Ducati dealer to check out these deals.

Also keep this in mind: you can now deduct the full sales tax from your 2009 tax return after purchasing a new motorcycle. Motorcycles are included as “qualified vehicles” in Section 1008 of the legislation, and purchases of motorcycles from February 17 to December 31, 2009, can deduct the sales and excise taxes on their 2009 tax returns.

Ron Lieback, Staff Writer

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