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2009 Victory Vision Hot

2009 Victory Vision 

Olaf Wolff - AllAboutBikes Staff-Writer

Motorcycle News VictoryWith respect to Duval’s character in Apocalypse Now, napalm doesn’t smell like Victory – the ’09 Vision does. The Vision is that touring motorcycle that looks like George Jetson would zoom to work on and then neatly fold into a briefcase.

The Vision is freakishly off any design scale used to date for measuring touring motorcycle parameters, or even stealth-fighter-bikes for that matter. It jerks heads down whatever street it rolls and they’re being snatched up by the bushel.

Victory Motorcycle is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year, and even though the Vision is only a year old, there’s a 10th Anniversary version. All of the 100 Anniversary edition models ($28,999) sold out in 7 minutes on August 1, 2008. That’s just crazy talk.

If you missed the opportunity for an Anniversary model, or if the Standard isn’t attention-demanding enough, Victory is offering a limited edition black porn Street version styled by Arlen Ness. This one features a Ness-designed paint scheme and a numbered metal plate with "a facsimile of Arlen Ness's autograph," according to Victory.

All three versions come with a 106 cubic inch v-twin with closed-loop fuel injection. The engine produces 92 hp and 109 ft.-lbs. of torque. Which is more then ample for you and the little woman to make that four-corners U.S. tour you’ve been promising to become a reality.

The trunk has room enough for two full-face helmets or a month’s worth of tighty-whities and sweat socks. Combined with the dual side storage compartments the total cargo capacity is 29.2 gallons (6,750 cu. in.).

The Visions low seat height (driver’s seat is 26.5”) and low center of gravity, augments it’s long and low styling cues and makes slow-speed maneuvering more manageable for a massive bike. The seats offer 4” of cushy goodness so you can make that journey from Daytona to Toronto in pure Barcalounger comfort.

The Vision is wired for a wide range of plug-ins including, MP3, CB, helmet comms, iPod, and an optional Victory Tour-Tech navigation system. Put on some jams, hit the road, and pretend you don’t notice everyone staring.

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