News Industry 111,000 Harley-Davidsons Recalled

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111,000 Harley-Davidsons Recalled Hot

Harley-DavidsonMore than 111,000 Harley-Davidsons are being recalled, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The NHTFSA reported that certain 2009 and 2010 touring models, built from June 6, 2008, to Nov. 19 of this year, have front fuel tank mounts that may distort in reaction to a crash, causing a fuel leak.

If this fuel is ignited, it could cause serious bodily injury or death to the rider of the motorcycle, the report said.


The following makes/model years are affected:

FLHP   2009-2010
FLHPE   2009-2010
FLHR   2009-2010
FLHR SHRINE   2009-2010
FLHRC   2009-2010
FLHT   2009-2010
FLHTC   2009-2010
FLHTCU   2009-2010
FLHTCU SHRINE   2009-2010
FLHTCU W/SC   2009-2010
FLHTCU4-CVO   2009
FLHTCUSE4   2009
FLHTCUSE5   2010
FLHTCUTG   2009-2010
FLHTK   2010
FLHTP   2009-2010
FLHX   2009-2010
FLHXXX   2010
FLTR   2009
FLTR3-CVO   2009
FLTRSE3   2009

Dealerships will install braces to reduce the distortion free of charge, and will be begin servicing bikes as soon as Monday, Dec. 14. Owners of effected models may call Harley at 1-414-343-4506.

According to The Motor Company's yearly earnings statement from January, Harley has shipped about 101,887 touring motorcycles total to dealers in 2008.

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