News Industry Beta's 2010 bikes get off the rocks and into the dirt

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Beta's 2010 bikes get off the rocks and into the dirt Hot

Beta RR 450 dirt bike

Jeff Dickinson
Staff Writer

Since 1904, Beta has built performance trials motorcycles that can scale most any rock with precision and skill.

For 2010, however, you can now get a Beta that will be just as comfortable in the dirt as it is on the rocks. Beta recently unveiled its new line of dirt bikes – the RR 400, the RR 450 and the RR 525 – complete with KTM engines and a Sachs shock in the middle.The RR line of dirt bikes from Beta also features a lightweight chrome-moly frame that makes handling easy. 

Some dirt bike enthusiasts might be asking, “If the Betas have KTM engines, then why not just buy a KTM?” The Beta RR line isn’t necessarily better than its KTM dirt bike counterparts; it’s just different. The Betas handle differently and are geared differently than the KTMs.  

There is also a much different price tag with the Beta RR bikes. The Beta RR 450 retails for a whopping $8,945. Compare that to a very similar KTM 450 SX-F that goes for $7,998 and you can see one of the biggest differences between the two bikes.

If the old adage “You get what you pay for” is true, then the Beta RR line of dirt bikes might be worth the investment. To learn more about Beta’s 2010 dirt bikes, visit


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