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Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps has three legendary machines that would make a great addition to any rider’s stable of motorcycles. We will list the motorcycles in no specific order; we will just give you the background of each motorcycle.

The first motorcycle to step up is the Ducati Streetfighter S. This bikes claim to fame other than being in this movie is that it is the first naked sport bike equipped with competition-level traction control as standard equipment. The traction control on this motorcycle is controlled by a switch on the left side of the bars.


Indiana Jones MotorcycleThis Friday, Feb. 12, the new exhibit “Harleys & Hollywood” opens at the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, featuring famous bikes that are part of pop culture.

One part of the show will feature iconic motorcycles owned by Steve McQueen, Clark Gable, Jesse James and rap-star Ludacris.

Also, 10 bikes will be on display that were used the movies “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra,” “Star Trek” and the comedy “Wild Hogs.”

And if you’re a fan of “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” you can get your photo taken on the bike ridden by Shi LaBeouf in the famed flick.


Kerr Leathers to produce Easy Rider Captain America jacket, along with other memorabilia to celebrate the iconic movie’s 40th celebration

Dealer News Press Release

Easy Rider Replica Jacket

One of the last American leather companies is teaming with one of the last American bike icons to offer 40th anniversary replica jackets from “Easy Rider,” under license from Sony Corp.

Sony is releasing a newly digitized version of the movie, and Salem, Mass.-based Kerr Leathers has an exclusive contract to produce replicas of the Captain America leather jacket that Peter Fonda (Wyatt) wore. Kerr also has the contract to produce the other anniversary memorabilia, including Fonda's vest and T-shirt and commemorative posters.

Only 3,000 of the Captain America jackets will be made, all signed by Fonda, and retailing for $459. Only Harley-Davidson dealers will be able to sell the gear. For each of the dealerships carrying the jackets, Fonda will also sign the American flag on one jacket, which will be raffled off for the dealer's favorite charity.


Transformers Poster

Last week, I told you that Ducati was taking a different approach to their advertising campaigns. Namely, they're not really "advertising" at all. Instead, they're working the product placement, PR and lifestyle angle. Oh hey, guess what? They're going to be in the new Transformers: Revenge of black porn the Fallen movie, as well as featured in Terminator Salvation. Here's what the Ducati press release had to say:

In Terminator, the Hypermotard is transformed into a killing machine as a MotoTerminator for the Skynet army, bent on destroying the human race. Four Hypermotard motorcycles were used to play the two MotoTerminators in filming, but digital editing has transformed them into very different machines. The rider has been replaced with a robotic substitute, complete with glowing red eyes, and the motorcycle is straddled by destructive guns. The transformation has gone so far that the Hypermotards don't even wear the red Ducati logo.

It'll be interesting to see how the anti-ad gamble pays off for the company. Wonder how much it cost Ducati to get the product placement in two of the biggest movies of the year?

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