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Velocity Channel for Motorcycles Hot

Chasing Speed with Leslie Porterfield

The Velocity channel has been a breath of fresh air for motorcycle enthusiasts that have grown tired of the Speed Channel, commonly thought of as the NASCAR Channel. Overseen by Bob Scanlon who defected from the Speed Channel, the Velocity channel gives motorcycle enthusiasts a genuine alternative with programming not seen anywhere else.

In the beginning the Speed Channel — then named Speed Vision — aired more motorcycle content than it does now. In fact, the network had one night each week dedicated just to motorcycle programming. Do you remember Two Wheel Tuesdays? Now Speed only features motorcycle racing. Don't read me wrong, I love motorcycle racing, but the motorcycle universe is vast and deserves more coverage than that.

Velocity Channel Programming

Currently the programming on Velocity is largely slanted towards cars. Additional motorcycle programming & specials are currently in the works and/or are scheduled to premiere soon. Not too long ago, one of the most popular programs on the channel was Twist the Throttle, a series that chronicled the larger than life legends of motorcycle design, manufacturing and racing. It was like a motorcycle history lesson featuring some of the greatest names in the industry.

Velocity was named HD Theater at the time and it broadcast this series in heavy rotation throughout the week. There have been rumors that the Twist the Throttle series is set for a possible return with new episodes. Personally I hope that these rumors will soon be confirmed.

Chasing Speed with Leslie Porterfield

Recently Velocity aired a one off program entitled Chasing Speed with Leslie Porterfield. This program followed Leslie Porterfield and her effort to break a production motorcycle top speed world record. Specifically, Leslie looked to break the 200mph barrier on a stock 1000cc production motorcycle.

Leslie Porterfield is a well-known Bonneville Salt Flats competitor and this slim, fea black porn ther weight Texan has been laying the "smacketh" down like a heavy weight on the salt flats for some time now. Filming in a reality show format, the cameras of Chasing Speed followed Leslie from High Five Cycles, her motorcycle dealership in Dallas, to Bonneville for a dry run, to testing her bikes in a wind tunnel and back to the flats for her assault on the record.

Viewer Comments

Similar to other networks, you as a viewer have a say in what type of programming is aired. In other words, it is up to you on what programs Velocity will bring on. If you want more motorcycle programming, you have to be proactive. The first thing is simply to tune in and watch because without viewers nothing will be aired. Next give the network your feedback on what you dislike, like, and/or what you want to see broadcast.

Channels like Velocity and its parent company Discovery Communications live on this type of feedback. Your voice is more likely to have an impact with a channel like Velocity than with many others. Velocity is not perfect, but it is giving motorcycle enthusiasts a viable alternative to…well, you know who.


Chasing Speed: Leslie Porterfield Premieres on Velocity Channel

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