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Seattle Sperm Bank Gets a Sperm Bike Hot

sperm_bikePlenty of men around the world believe that there motorcycle might help them get laid. It's flawed logic, but it exists. Still, no motorcycle is responsible for slinging more sperm than Seattle's sperm bike.

The Sperm bike was designed for the Seattle Sperm Lab to quickly deliver samples from the sperm bank to the clinic. The semen shaped bike has a unique storage system which keeps can keep samples cool as they are transported.

The sperm bike, which is nearly 10-feet long, is not only a clever solution for sperm transportation, it's also great advertising for the sperm bank.

"It's getting a lot of looks. People are stopping. They don't quite understand what's going on," said Gary Olsem of the Seattle Sperm Bank. "You put a giant sperm on a bike, and you're going to get some attention."

Seattle PI reports that its sperm bike is primarily powered by a pair of pedals, but the bike also has a small motor to get the bike up some of Seattle's steep hills.

Although the bike is certainly unique, it's not the first sperm bike in the world. That honor goes to the European Sperm Bank in Copenhagen.

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