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Man Intentionally Swerves Bus Into Motorcyclists, Kills One Hot

eddie_hallTo a motorcyclists, every car on the road is a potentially dangerous two ton weapon. For a group of Hells Angels in Oakland, that became a literal statement when Eddie Hall intentionally swerved his paratransit bus in an attempt to hit several motorcyclists. One person,  George Lopez Jr., 51, died in the incident.

The SF Gate reports that Hall has been charged with murder and a felony hit-and-run.

"Hall claimed he was upset at the time because of the driving behavior of others and the behavior of the motorcyclists," San Leandro police Detective Anthony Morgan said. "Hall admitted to knowing the motorcycles were in the lane he intentionally swerved into and to knowing his actions would cause his bus to strike the motorcycle."

Authorities report that Hall aggressively drove his van into the motorcyclist's lane and struck Lopez. Lopez fell off of his motorcycle and was run over by the van. Hall didn't stop after the accident. Instead, he drove for about a mile with the motorcycle wedged under the fan. He only stopped when the bike burst into flames.

On top of his murder charge, Hall was also charged with attempted murder and using a van as a deadly weapon. Apparently Hall also tried to hit and kill a second motorcyclist, Ozzie Jesus Jose.

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