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Jay Leno Jokes About Motorcycle Accidents Hours Before Deadly Crash Hot

jay_leno_motorcycleJay Leno has never had worse timing for a joke. Before the Love Ride in Glendale, California, Leno talked to the crowd about the rally's impeccable safety record.

Leno said:

"Every year, [the organizer] says, 'Drive safe.' I'm gonna say, 'Don't drive safe.' I wanna see somebody go down. So it'll be fun. I want it to be in front or behind me and see a whole row of bikes go down. Get drunk, fall off the road. We've all become too damn polite ... we haven't had one incident."

A few hours later, two people were dead.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Romarino Zeri and Julie Cameron were killed when they collided with a semi-truck on the Golden State Freeway.

Leno, of course, was making a joke. But one can only imagine how heavy his chin feels right about now.

On the bright side, Leno did help another rider who crashed at the rally. Insideline reports that Leno witnessed a crash and accompanied the injured man to the hospital.

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