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Motorcycle Cop Caught Stunting Hot

coppersMost bikers spend their the time avoiding cops, especially stunters. I would say 98% of the ol boys in blue can't stand the fact that there are people out on the road doing a high-chair at 80mph.

But what happens when one of their own gets his chance at stunting glory? Take a look at this video as on-duty police officer takes a few minutes to let loose. There's no crime to stop anyway, so this makes perfect sense.

The video starts out harmless enough with the cop just practicing some mobility and control techniques, riding in slow circles, which is even difficult on a sport bike, let alone an 800+lb H-D, but then something goes a bit awry. He disappears behind the the building, comes back out, and what do you see? It's a bird, it's a plane...No! It's a cop, ass up-face down practicing the superman.

Don't mind the mental midgets in the background talking, especially the girl, who I'm guessing has the education level of a toddler, albeit a smart toddler, because she can take a phone message very well.

I have to give the copper a standing ovation for doing a superman on a not so nimble Harley-Davidson, plus he's in a tight-ass cop uniform. I think Eric Estrada would be proud. Who says cops can't have fun when they're not pulling us over to meet their monthly quotas. Go blue!

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