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Mayor Bloomberg Rides a 9/11 Tribute Chopper Hot

bloomberg_chopperFor many people, the motorcycle is a symbol of freedom. In order to celebrate, honor, and remember the freedoms that our soldiers fight for every day, Paul Teutul Jr. of the Discovery Channel's "American Chopper," created two custom motorcycles as a tribute to the new World Trade Center. And who better to ride them than Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

"As I know you've all heard me say a million times before," Bloomberg said."There's nothing like strapping on your brain bucket, kickstarting your chopper, and riding high and tight with your bros. Back in 1969, when Easy Rider came out, there wasn't a guy my age who didn't consider chasing freedom on the open road! Still today, all kidding aside, the bike remains a symbol of the freedom we cherish as Americans and nobody makes bikes like the American Chopper family."

Teutul then took the mike and described the bike's design. Teutul said that the hand poured glass wheel that were specifically created to honor 9/11. (Skip to the 5:00 mark to here Teutel's description.

"There are lines at the top. 9 vertical lines at the top of the tower and 11 at the bottom," Teutul said. "There are 50 horizontal lines through the glass representing our 50 states.... If you look at in the front, we have the 9/11 memorial in the headlight. All in gold. We actually built the front end to represent the free world trade center.... It's something we're very proud of."

Here's the video.

The Huffington Post reports that Teutul created two 9/11 tribute choppers. The second motorcycle will be raffled off to benefit the National September 11 Memorial & Museum. You can enter the raffle, which ends in January, for $50 here.

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