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At Half Throttle and Stuck in the Mud [Video] Hot

ryan_grassleyThere are two ways to look at this video. You can either see this guy as some poor sap that is stuck in the mud, or, you can see this video and think, ‘man, I wish I was this guy stuck in the mud somewhere in the middle of Panama on my motorcycle.'

Ryan Grassley has been traveling through Panama on the back of his KLR 650. Grassley’s most recent adventure has him following a local map to a waterfall, but things don’t go exactly as planned.

“Following the map, and more directions from locals, I ended up at this river,” Grassley said. “On the other side the road became very muddy and somewhat steep. I knew I was screwed, but went for it anyway.”

Here’s the video from Half Throttle.

“When I made it home I was so happy,” Grassley said. “As beat up and tired as I was it really does feel great to get outside once in a while and just get your ass kicked. I believe doing crazy stuff now and then keeps me sane.”

Grassley sure did get his butt kicked up and down that hill. But man, I’d be up for trading places any day.

This is the fourth segment of Grassley’s attempt at reaching the waterfall. Click the links to see part 1, part 2, and part 3. You can see videos from all of Grassley's adventures on his Half Throttle youtube page. 

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0 # Phaedrus 2011-06-30 10:57
The donkey has much better traction...
Either get one or a small, light and cheap Chinese 200cc bike with knobby tires, particularly if you venture alone in the wild.
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