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Who Needs Pavement? Australian Develops Hoverbike [Video] Hot

hoverbike2Pavement? Who needs it. Potholes? Forget about them. Contact with the ground? Overrated. Australian Chris Malloy is saying goodbye to conventional driving with his newly developed hoverbike.

Now, I haven’t seen this thing in action. The only video currently available (see below) shows the hover bike during a smoke test on the front rotor. Malloy says that he’ll be putting up more videos on his website soon, and he better, because my interest is piqued.

There are some pictures of the hoverbike, though, and it looks pretty awesome. Malloy currently has the bike in a testing phase, but he’s hoping to put it into production soon.

So why would you want a hoverbike? Here are some applications that Malloy suggests:

  • Aerial Cattle mustering
  • Search and Rescue
  • Aerial Survey
  • Wildlife and Parks
  • Film
  • Power-line Inspection
  • Military and Emergency Services

Of course, his list is missing showboating and impressing women.

The hoverbike can theoretically travel at about 100mph for about 100 miles, or can shoot up to about 10,000 feet. But again, Malloy and his team are still testing the bike and for the moment, there are no definite numbers.

Here’s a video of the Hoverbike, sort of, in action.

Malloy developed the Hoverbike over two and a half years in his garage. You can check out some more information about the bike at their website, and even send a donation to make sure that the progress stays above ground.

The Hoverbike doesn’t have a price yet, but Malloy estimates that it will cost close to $50,000.

Here are some more images of the hoverbike. 

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