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10 Politicians On Motorcycles Hot

Last week Sarah Palin hopped on a Harley to start her national bus tour. But Palin isn’t the only politician to use two wheels to promote a political campaign. Numerous politicians throughout history have had a soft spot for motorcycles.

Personally, I love it when a politician hops on to the back of a motorcycle. Maybe it’s because it makes them seem more relatable, more human, more blue collar when they're in the saddle of a motorcycle... Or maybe I like it because it makes it’s so much harder to hear the bullsh*t over the engine.

Here are 10 political bikers.

John Huntsman


 Huntsman will be joining the festivities at Laconia Bike week this week, stopping at a Harley Davidson dealership to talk to supporters.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

the_governator The Governator hopped on a Harley Fatboy for an iconic scene in Terminator 2, but the governor rides in his political life as well. Normally, however, he’s not carrying a shotgun.

John Kerry  


When late night talk shows mock you for your boring speeches, it’s nice to show them that you have a little wild side by showing up on a motorcycle.

Mitch Daniels


Mitch Daniels rides and he’s proud of it. Daniels has been riding for more than 30 years and regularly organizes motorcycle rides for his supporters.

Vladamir Putin


This man belongs on a bike. He just looks like a bad-ass biker.

Sarah Palin 


Palin recently promoted her new bus tour on the back of a Harley. Palin didn’t do any riding though, as she was plenty busy shaking hands.

Ben Nighthorse Campbell


The congressman of Colorado has been a long supporter of motorcycle rights. He also has the coolest name on this list.

Ann Richards


The former governor of Texas was as much hoot as she was holler. Richards grew up in Texas and rode plenty of bikes in her life, but she didn’t get her motorcycle licence until she was 60-years-old.

Gabrielle Giffords


Giffords name was thrust into the spotlight after the tragic shooting in Tuscon, Arizona. But before the shooting that nearly took her life, she was known for being an avid motorcyclist. Giffords has been riding for over 20-years and is the co-chair of the Congressional Motorcycle Caucus.

Dave Zien 


If anyone on this list was a motorcyclist first, and a senator second, it was Dave Zien. As far as I know, Zien is the only politician to be inducted into the motorcycle hall of fame.

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0 # frasco 2011-06-17 09:30
[fv]i love bikes[/fv] am just crazy about them, thats the way to go bikers
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0 # Robert Hess 2011-06-24 01:06
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Wouldn't it be great if some of these politicians could ride with us?
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