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Miller to Host Women-Only Yamaha Champions School Hot

Yamaha Champions Riding SchoolComing up during the weekend of 17 – 18 August 2011, The Yamaha Champions Riding School will be presenting a women-only class at their home base within Miller Motorsports Park, perhaps the most modern motorcycle racing circuit in the United States currently. It is a fantastic chance to get out on this track in a more welcoming atmosphere which will focus on the unique needs of the female rider.

The Yamaha Champions Riding School took the time to conduct some exhaustive research into the needs and wants of female bikers who are interested in learning the finer points of guiding a motorcycle at high speed around a track.

The information they gathered demonstrated that women who attend the school were initially tentative to attend the school for some specific reasons: nervous about there being too much ego in the classroom and on the track, worried that they would not fit in with other students, and they were worried that they would be too slow, too inexperienced or too reserved on the circuit.

Yamaha Champions Riding School in action at MillerLead instructor of the school, and well-known motorcycle racer and writer, Nick Ienatsch, stated, “There are a lot of women who ride motorcycles and would benefit from the Yamaha Champions Riding School. We average about one or two women riders per class, but we know there are more women who would like to participate. We’ve decided to hold a women’s-only school just for them.”

The Yamaha Champions Riding School will conduct one of the standard two-day riding schools which will consist only of women; and female riders of all skill levels are welcome. There are 18 slots open – no word on how many are already taken – which will be filled on first come, first served basis.

The school is also offering 20 “audit-only” spots for women who wish to attend the classroom sessions, watch the instructional videos, and learn as much about piloting a high-performance motorcycle as you can without taking to the track.

Miller Motorsports Park would also qualify as one of the best tracks on which anyone can hone their motorcycle riding skills. The track is technically complex, but the sightlines are almost perfect, and that is something that any rider, from first-timers to experienced club racers, can appreciate and use as an advantage. Miller would seem purpose-built for a track-focused riding school, and the Yamaha Champions Riding School knows this very well.

Nick Ienatsch's book Sport Riding Techniques“There are measureable, understandable and repeatable reasons why riders win championships…and that black porn means riding quickly and consistently, with consistency being the most important of these two factors,” said Ienatsch. “This women’s-only school will show them how, explain it in an understandable manner and then help them attain whatever goal they have on two wheels.”

That about sums it up, so if you are a woman and are looking for a great opportunity to ride alongside other women – with the men sitting quietly on the sidelines – the Yamaha Champions Riding School has you covered. If attendance and demand are high enough, this may become a regular part of the schedule, so get yourself to Utah in August!

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