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An Amazing Parade of Biker Santas (video) Hot


The more I watched the attached video, the more it amazed me. I have seen my share of Christmas parades and motorcycle charity rides, but I’ve never seen anything like this.

Here is the back story.  Every Christmas in Poland, thousands of riders gather near the Baltic Sea to form an incredible parade that rumbles from the city of Gdynia south to the city of Gdańsk.  On the map, you can see region of the ride.  Every rider and passenger is clad in full Santa costume and virtually every brand and style of motorcycle is represented.

The event is an annual charity ride that supports an impressive program to supply lunches to needy children.  The video is a 7 minute clip of a film that is over 45 minutes in length…that’s a lot of cycle Santas!   The video is from the 2009 event which was attended by over 3000 participants.  Over 2300 motorcycles, scooters and quads made the ride.

Roll on scooter Santas!


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