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Alpinestars' Airbag-Equipped Motorcycle Suits Are AWESOME (with video!) Hot

alpinestars-prototypeAlpinestars, the uber huge manufacturer of motorcycle and automotive safety gear, recently unveiled its latest technology: airbag-equipped motorcycle suits. This is the Tech Air Race motorcycle suit, the most advanced of its kind. How advanced, you ask?

To start, it takes only eight milliseconds for the seven sensors placed throughout the suit to determine that a crash is imminent. Once that decision has been made, it takes only 50 milliseconds for the suit to inflate and start protecting the rider. After around 25 seconds, the suit deflates and an integrated GPS system turns on to direct rescuers to the site of the accident. Five levels of programming stand in the way of accidental or premature deployment (bet your wife wishes you were that high tech, right?).

Alpinestars expects that the new technology will add around $2,500 to the price of a standard riding suit. As of right now, the suits are expected to be consumer-ready in June of 2011. Can't wait that long? Check out the video below of the suit deploying its airbags. It's mostly leprechaun gibberish until about :55 seconds in, so feel free to save yourself some time and jump ahead.  When you are done, feel free to check out more articles on Motorcycle Safety.


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0 # Nic Oliver, Executive Director BikePAC of Oregon 2010-05-03 12:36
This has got to be the biggest joke they're trying to pass off as safety equipment yet. What do they hope to protect? Their bank accounts? I wouldn't consider this junk under any circumstances.
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