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Harley Heaven on Route 66 Hot

Across this great country of ours there are towns and areas just waiting to be discovered by you and your bike. First stop is the town you may remember from the movie “Easy Rider”. Bellemont, Arizona is essentially a ghost town. There is nearly nothing there for the average person other than old rundown buildings and closed businesses. But for a motorcyclist, this has become a riding haven.
roadhouse bar and grill
While being located along the historic and scenic Route 66, Bellemont offers the ultimate biker bar. Route 66 Roadhouse Bar & Grill features cook-it-yourself entrees. That is right; you order your choice of meat and then cook it up on the spacious indoor grill. Next door, the closed Pine Breeze Motel offers free camping for visitors. This area is loaded with tight, winding dirt roads that pass along remains of the once prosperous town that existed here.
roadhouse bar and grill
You will see the former Atlantic-Pacific Railroad and Camp Navajo, which is currently used as a training facility for the Arizona Army National Guard. At an elevation of 7,500 feet, Brannigan Park features some pretty amazing views of the area as you ride through the woodlands, grassy meadows, and historic homes.

For all you Harley enthusiasts out there, Route 66 Roadhouse Bar and Grill is a tribute to everything HD. The table tops are glass-covered motorcycle wheels, along with a Harley Davidson jukebox...We know how you Harley guys love to dance. And to boot, a motorcycle from World War II sits in a museum-like room with a "Harley Parking Only" sign. In a stoic throwback to the town's hayday, the "No Vacancy" sign from "Easy Rider" hangs from the ceiling.

Bellemont is located on black porn the original Route 66, just off I-40.

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