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Sons of Anarchy

What's Next for Sons of Anarchy? After Finale Sutter Talks About Season Five

The fourth season of the "Sons of Anarchy" ended earlier this week, but the finale didn't wrap up a lot of story lines. SOA could go in several directions at the start of season five, but creator Kurt Sutter says that he has a pretty good idea of where the show is going.

Sons of Anarchy Week 13: To Be - Act One [Video]

Clay may be lying in a hospital bed with two bullets in his chest, but he's still the leader of the Sons of Anarchy. His reign at the top, as well as his life, could come to an end during the season 4 finale next week, and Gemma knows exactly how to do it.

Sons of Anarchy Episode 12: Burnt and Purged Away [Video]

Tonight, all hell is going to break loose. The Sons of Anarchy will end season four with a two part finale. Now that Clay is dead (he's probably not dead) SOA is set up for a fantastic final two episodes.

Sons of Anarchy Season Four Episode 11: Call of Duty

Well, Clay is a dead man. The bullets haven't fired yet but Clay has crossed a few too many lines. Jax is already debating putting an end to Clay's reign now that he knows that Clay beat Gemma. Imagine what will happen when Jax finds out that Clay killed John Teller, or Piney, or put the hit out on Tara.

Sons of Anarchy Season Four Episode 10: Hands

Jax and Tara decide that they need a little break from the drug dealing drama plaguing the Sons of Anarchy. Jax and Tara talk about the future and she nearly has Jax convinced to leave the club and take a job in Oregon. But their two seconds of r & r runs out quick as the dangers of the club come looking for them.

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