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Sons of Anarchy Week 13: To Be - Act One [Video] Hot

soa_finaleClay may be lying in a hospital bed with two bullets in his chest, but he's still the leader of the Sons of Anarchy. His reign at the top, as well as his life, could come to an end during the season 4 finale next week, and Gemma knows exactly how to do it.

Gemma's plan is simple. Jax kills his step-father Clay and takes over as the leader of SOA. Jax is more than fine with the first part of the plan. Gemma tells Jax about the letters and what Clay has done, so justifying Clay's death is the easy part of Jax.

Gemma says:

"I know how dangerous secrets can be. It's time we all knew the truth.  Clay is a murderous traitor and there's only one thing to do now.Clay has to die. When it's done, you take your rightful place at the head of this table. Where you belong."

But taking over SOA isn't on the agenda for Jax. Jax and Tara are planning to black porn get out of Charming as soon as possible.

Gemma has been the masterful manipulator for four seasons, but it looks like Tara has learned a few things a long the way. Tara knows exactly what she's doing when she gives Gemma the letters. At the end of the episode Tara tells Gemma "I'm smarter than you are.  know Jax better than you do," before staking a claim to Jax, saying "he's mine."

Do you think Jax will end up killing Clay? Will he take over SOA?

Here's the promo for Sons of Anarchy: To Be (Act 1)


Here's the promo for next week's episode.


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