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Sons of Anarchy Season Four Episode 11: Call of Duty Hot

sons_of_anarchy_shotWell, Clay is a dead man. The bullets haven't fired yet but Clay has crossed a few too many lines. Jax is already debating black porn putting an end to Clay's reign now that he knows that Clay beat Gemma. Imagine what will happen when Jax finds out that Clay killed John Teller, or Piney, or put the hit out on Tara.

Yes, the wheels are in motion and there is no stopping it now.

And Jax isn't the only one who could take Clay out. Opie found out in "Call of Duty" that Clay killed his father, Piney. The rest of the gang is also questioning Clay's leadership after multiple incidents with the cartel.

While we wait for Clay's fate to be revealed in the upcoming episodes, Sons of Anarchy fans finally got some resolution with Juice. Will he keep playing Patsy for the cops or will he tell the Sons about his "sordid" past.

The racial threat never really rang true for me, and when Juice reveals to Chibbs that his father is black, Chibbs laughs and says it doesn't matter. Yep, Chibbs put the club in danger and killed one of its members because, oops, no one cares.

Here's a promo for Sons of Anarchy, Season 4, Episode 11: Call of Duty. 

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