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Sons of Anarchy Season 4 Episode 9: Kiss Hot

soa_kissIt would have been impossible to match the intensity of last week's episode, but the Sons of Anarchy did a pretty good job of keeping the break neck pace during "Kiss," Episode 9 of Season 4, as the motorcycle club beings to deal with the aftermath of Piney's death.

Unser and Gemma find Piney's body and they know exactly who did it. But fearing for their lives and the lives of everyone else in the motorcycle club, they decide to keep it a secret. Unser needs a little convincing, however, and Gemma gives him a seductive kiss to keep his mouth shut. In the end they both agree, its best if they keep Clay's secret.

While Gemma and Unser are worrying about the consequences of Piney's death, the rest of the gang has to deal with a few bullets of their own. The involvement of the Sons of Anarchy with the Galindo cartel continues to get more dangerous. A botched meeting almost gets everyone killed and Jax Teller knows that its time for him to get out.

And if the drugs weren't enough to convince Jax to make a move, Clay's attitude toward Tara really pushed him over the edge.

"If you ever talk that way about Tara again," Jax said. "I will pound those half dead hands so hard into this table you won't ever be able to hold that gavel again."

Of course, Clay has more than just a bad attitude toward Tara. He wants her dead. Luckily for Jax, Gemma is going to do everything she can to stop that from happening. Gemma makes Jax promise that he won't touch Tara, and in return, she'll make sure that no one ever sees the letters.

But Jax isn't big on keeping promises.

Here's the promo for "Kiss," episode 9 black porn of season 4 of the Sons of Anarchy.

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