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Sons of Anarchy Season 4, Episode 8: Family Recipe Hot

PineyThe gauntlet was thrown down at the end of last episode of "Sons of Anarchy." Would the gang vote Clay out as leader of the Club? Would Piney hand over the letters? Kurt Sutter didn't let those questions linger in the air for too long...

SOA fans were taken for an emotional ride during "Family Recipe." Juice, who hung himself from a tree last week, survives the suicide attempt. But that doesn't mean that SAMCRO won't be down a member by the end of the hour.

The Clay vote gets delayed by violence with the cartels, but that doesn't mean that everyone, especially Piney, isn't thinking about it.

Piney ups black porn the ante this episode and gives Clay an ultimatum. "We either stop running drugs or I deliver the letters to the club."

Clay's in a tough place, but the leader of SOA isn't about to go down without a fight. And when Clay fights, people die.

Piney's murder is bound to be a turning point for the club. But which direction will they go? Will Clay finally realize what he's doing to the club? Will Jax realize that Clay will do anything, including kill Tara, to keep the letters a secret?

Here's the promo for Sons of Anarchy - Episode 8: Family Recipe

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