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Daytona Bike Week: Extra Naked Hot

nakedThis year marked the 70th anniversary of perhaps the most popular gatherings of unfit bikers in the world, Daytona Bike Week. Over 500,000 motorcycles (and the people that pilot them) cluttered the highways, byways, bars, and side streets, revving their way into the hearts of residents for one more year.

I'm a fan of motorcycles, obviously. However, what I'm not a fan of are old women in tube tops and chaps. Every year I see women that should be wearing biohazard suits, not booty shorts and fishnets. Just a tip, leave the slutty attire for those who deserve it, women in decent shape and not tipping the age meter at 50+...all of Daytona will thank me later when they're not washing their eyes out with Clorox like I was this year.


The Daytona 200 was more like the Daytona 140, after tire failures caused a mandatory front tire change, delaying the race for 2 hours or so. In the post race press conference, Dunlop, of course, deflected answers like true politicians. Thanks for wasting an extra two hours of my life guys. I could have been in my hotel room eating Swedish fish out of my helmet, or walking down Main Street taking mental pictures of all the disturbing images.

The silver lining is that Jason DiSalvo had time to throw a new engine into his Ducati and win the race. I'm happy for the kid. After parting ways with Triumph, he and his wife deserved the win.

There was a little drama when DiSalvo crossed the finish line, when two racers wrecked as Jason got the checkered. There was a previous AMA rule that would have given Josh Herrin the victory, but one thing the AMA did right was letting DiSalvo keep the win that he worked so hard for. Kind of a Cinderella story, minus the slipper.

I think Jake Zemke summed up the overall racing climate after he won the pole position, “Maybe this will get me another race”. Hopefully it will buddy.

Our sponsored rider, James Rispoli, took home 3rd place in Supersport. In the world of Superbikes, Josh Hayes got robbed not once, but twice by Blake Young, but still managed to finish with a podium. I still don’t know if the guy smiles, but hey, he’s intense. One thing I liked about Hayes was everybody in that press room knew he was sponsored by Monster. Show ‘em some love big daddy.


I had the pleasure of meeting the founder of Motus, a fledgling motorcycle manufacturer looking to break into the industry this year. While sitting in a 5-million dollar mansion on Daytona Beach eating lunch at the private event, Lee Conn, founder, with his engine on the kitchen counter, dove into why he decided to design a motorcycle in a market where dealers are scratching for every penny. Admirable, yes. Crazy, definitely.

Will Motus make it work? Who the hell knows, but the chicken was awesome, and I can’t wait to test out the bike this summer. Check out the June issue of AAB Mag, Motus will be our black porn feature story.

02Bikes Tests

While at Destination Daytona, I tested a new bike from Campagna Motors, the V13R. A roadster with a V-Rod engine strapped to the back of it. It’s the old man’s version of the T-Rex. A little gender confused, it’s classed as a motorcycle, but has a seatbelt, steering wheel, and turn signals. The V13R also comes equipped with a 5-speed transmission, clutch and all. So, if you can’t drive stick, it probably won’t work out too well for you. For 55k, I don’t know if I’ll be swinging for that ball anytime soon. Cool ride though, it gets a ton of looks. I felt like the celebrity I always knew I was.


I also helped out the boys from Speed and Strength for a late night photoshoot with a custom Kawasaki Vaquero, and a smoking hot model, of course.


Ducati and Cycle Gear both threw awesome parties with lots of free food, which I’m a big fan of. Parking was horrid, as to be expected I guess, but nevertheless still annoying.

-Ducati’s gig was on the beach. A few of the Ducati racers made guest appearances, but no Rossi sightings. Free Peroni, which I didn’t drink, but they had free soda, score. Food was above average, but still a little stale. Probably all that ocean air and sand blowing around.

-Cycle gear had a comic-book themed vendor party with various racers signing autographs. They also handed out awards to their top performing stores. Free soft drinks outside of the party, not inside. The food was great, but nothing like financing a seven dollar beer to wash down a free meal.

Piled on top of everything else, we tied one on every night...Well, I watched everyone else get wasted and laughed. I did drink a ton of root beer and coke, so my sugar levels had to have been through the roof. I think they cut me off at four… it was all such a blur.

Daytona Bike Week; another one in the books.

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0 # HomerJ 2011-04-10 06:22
What is the purpose of this article? Why would I care if you got a free meal but had to pay for a beer? Is the woman in the pic your example of 'the unfit woman who needs to be in a biohazard suit'? Dude, if you don't find her attractive, your are just missing out. Why would I care if you were invited to a $5 million home? If Dunlop wasted two extra hours our your life and kept you from writing more of this garbage, then I am going to putting nothing but Dunlops on my bikes from now on. If you want a good example of someone in your industry who writes with an awesome, cranky, and creative flair, read Jack Lewis's monthly column in Motorcyclist. I may not always agree with him, buy it is always a good read...... unlike this stuff.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # Vertical 2011-04-12 15:09
I think this bloke above is talking bollocks...!!!!
I found the whole article quite funny, especially the Swedish fish reference. And if you don't care Homer why spend all the time writing a reply, why not just close your browser...!!! Funny logic there my friend.
Reply | Reply with quote | Quote
0 # wally 2011-04-14 06:45
I was at Daytona this year and was bored out of my mind. The race was boring. I left after waiting 1.5 hours. You would never see that at motogp.

I had fun with the peeps, but doubt I will rush back. Did it done it got the t.
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