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Dirk & Jane's Classic HD Rally - Raising Money for the Amurang Foundation Hot

Dirk's 1942, 1200cc Flathead, a bit flatter



Most of you know how frustrating it can be to invest hours of effort and work towards a goal, all for naught. Just imagine how frustrating it would be if the tally of your work and effort totaled over 20,000 hours.

Wait for it...and allow that to marinate for a few seconds. That number was over 20,000 hours.

Dirk & Jane's Cause

Dirk Dijkstra and Jane Cohen worked on a plan for an epic motorcycle journey that would take them through nine countries, covering over 25,000 kilometers or approximately 15,534 miles. In the end, the goal was for their efforts to benefit underprivileged children in Tondano. If you are not familiar with this part of the world, Tondano is on the Pacific side of the globe, located south of the Philippines on the northern tip of Indonesia, east of Malaysia.

For two years & three months, they prepared their bikes and organized all permits and visas. The plan was to trek their classic Harley Davidson steeds through the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Russia, Mongolia, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Dirk would be piloting a 1942, 1200cc flathead and Jane would "rock" a purpose built 1968, 1200cc flathead Servicar three wheeler.

Dirk & Jane's Accident

As you might be able to guess from the beginning of this article and the past-tense structures, things didn't work out the way Dirk & Jane were intending. But open your right hand, grab and squeeze your brake before you get ahead of me.

No, their trip did not end as they had planned, but probably not as you might be fearing. On the second day, after riding less 50 hours and 600 kilometers, this epic trek was ended by distracted truck driver in Germany on the Autobahn. Dirk was struck by a speeding 20 ton truck and his bike was carried 64 meters/210 feet before the truck came to a stop.

Although the damage to the bike was major, Dirk was not hurt because the bike maintained its upright position. And, aware of the pending impact, Dirk warned Jane via their helmet radios. After a quick look in her mirror, Jane was able to move over to the side of the road.

Dirk & Jane's New Plan

Although a bit shaken, Dirk and Jane aren't allowing this incident to dissolve their resolve to complete their mission. Now the plan is to complete a new, nearly 25,000 kilometer journey starting in Australia, East Timor and onto Indonesia and Tondano. Their bikes have already been shipped to Darwin, Australia and the new journey on schedule.

Dirk and Jane welcome any additional support during their trek to aid them in raising money. If they can help the underprivileged children in Tondano by assisting with the building of a new home, their mission will be complete.

For more information, you can black porn follow Dirk and Jane on this adventure via their website Classic HD Rally. You can also follow them on Facebook and even send them tweets via Twitter.

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